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Animal Shampoo and Cosmetics Association Standard

ASCAS is the first certification body to develop standards for natural shampoos and cosmetics for animals.

ASCAS was developed, as there are no regulations for non-pharmaceutical animal shampoos and cosmetics to adhere to.

ASCAS Certification:

ASCAS has 3 types of certification, a one star, two star and three star. This means an ACSAS certification is achievable for all manufacturers at different levels.

A one star certification approves products that are at a standard that would allow them to be sold in the market as cosmetic personal care products for humans. A product that has a two star certification will be milder and kinder to the skin as there are ingredients that are restricted to achieve this rating. The aim of the three star certification is to approve products that are natural and good for the environment.

New! Sign our petition

ASCAS and WildWash have joined together and created a petition to regulate the non-pharmaceutical pet products industry in the UK. Sign our petition to help give voice and bring positive changes and improvements to the pet care industry.

By creating ASCAS, it is hoped that it will encourage manufacturers, retailers and consumers of animal shampoos and cosmetics to insist on natural, environmentally friendly products that are animal cruelty free. This will benefit the animals using them and the planet we live in. If you would like to apply for an ASCAS certification please email