ASCAS and WildWash have joined together and created a petition to regulate the non pharmaceutical pet products industry in the UK.

At present there are no regulations for non-pharmaceutical animal shampoos and cosmetics. This means that anything can be put in a bottle and sold to pet owners. There doesn’t have to be an ingredients list, a best before date or any information that shows it is fit for purpose.

Our petition supports the work of the Environment Agency’s Chemical Source Control Project. This looks at a range of chemicals that have requirements under the Water Framework Directive (WFD). This legislation aims to improve and protect inland and coastal waters, reduce pollution, drive more sustainable use of water as a natural resource, and create better habitats for wildlife that live in and around water.

The Chemical Source Control project aims to determine the sources and uses of chemicals and how they find their way into the water environment. They are working on a range of chemicals with some found in pet hygiene products, these are triclosan and nonylphenol and its ethoxylates (NP and NPE).

Triclosan is controlled under the Biocidal Products Regulation and the Cosmetics Regulation which limit the use to less than 0.3%, and NP and NPE for a number of years has been restricted under REACH which limits the chemicals to less than 0.1%. Unfortunately non pharmaceutical pet products are not controlled by either of these regulations.

Please read our 5 Point Petition outlined below. If you agree please sign the petition and help bring positive changes and improvements to the pet care industry.

We want to bring awareness to the harmful chemicals contained in many pet shampoos and highlight the damage they can cause to our health; the health and wellbeing of our pets and to our environment.

We want the Government to regulate all non pharmaceutical pet care products just as it does for human personal care products.

We insist that the minimum requirement for any pet care product is that a full list of ingredients in clearly displayed on every bottle so we know EXACTLY what the product contains and that a ‘best before’ date is given.

We promise to support any company taking positive steps to abolish the use of harmful chemicals in their products.

We pledge to use and encourage others to use only natural and safe pet care products, including shampoos, conditioners, detanglers and dematting sprays and perfumes that do NOT contain Sulfates, Phosphates, Phthalates, PEGs, Petrochemicals, Parabens or Palm Oils.

Please take a moment to sign up for this petition.